[CentOS] Forget SMB password immediately

Wed Nov 23 11:11:31 UTC 2011
Guitart Francesc <francesc.guitart at enise.fr>


I'm new to CentOS and also on the list, since I usually work with Debian. My problem is as follows:

I have a NAS where users connect to do their backups. Each user has a folder shared where only he can enter. Multiple users get connected from a CentOS 5.7 to the NAS, each in its shared folder.

I connect to the NAS by entering the login, password and shared folder of user A (here I connect through SMB port 445) and I get disconnected by removing the volume. I re-connect in the same way with the user B and then disconnect.

Now if I connect with any user without entering the shared folder (I get a netbios connection to port 139) I can enter to the shared folder of user A and B without entering their credentials.

A netstat -an shows me a connection to port 139 and 445 per user. After a while (too I think) connections over ports 445 and 139 are automatically cuted and I have to authenticate again.

How I can force always the request of login and password?

Thanks in advance.

Francesc Guitart