[CentOS] SSD diagnostics / test suite?

Wed Nov 23 19:02:34 UTC 2011
Alan McKay <alan.mckay at gmail.com>

Hey folks,

I looked back through the list archives and there are surprisingly few
threads with "SSD" in the subject.

In my new job I've been handed over a number of things that were
outstanding with the previous Sys Admin, and one of them was an SSD
that was suspect.   I just plugged it into a diagnostics laptop to use
the Linux Smart software to check it - and it all seems fine even
after running the disk test suite from the GUI.   In digging for more
info I discovered that the errors were actually coming from the RAID
controller - and the SSD has obviously been removed from there for the
time being.

While I have it in my hands I'd like to do some kind of complete test
/ diagnostics suite on it.  Preferably Linux based since that's what
we have here.

I found a few windows-based tools with my googling.  I did stumble
upon this page which looks like it has a few useful tips for using
SSDs on Linux

Now, what about comprehensive suites?  Should I just run some IO
suites on it like bonnie++ or something like that, and see what SMART
says in the process?

I'm suspecting the RAID controller at this point ... but want to be as
thorough as possible while I have it in my hands.


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