[CentOS] Bacula dbcheck in CentOS6

Thu Nov 24 09:13:58 UTC 2011
Tilman Schmidt <t.schmidt at phoenixsoftware.de>

[Is it true that nobody replied to this in four months?]

On Mon Jul 18 09:34:08 EDT 2011, Joseph L. Casale wrote:

> Anyone else notice that /usr/libexec/bacula/make_catalog_backup.pl runs a "dbcheck -B"
> which doesn't seem to exist in the version of dbcheck shipped with it?
> That makes it rather hard to do a catalogue backup with the shipped script?

That's an error in the RPM install script. It uses the "alternatives"
mechanism for switching between database backends but messes up.
/usr/sbin/dbcheck ends up being linked to /usr/sbin/bscan.mysql instead
of /usr/sbin/dbcheck.mysql. Consequently, when make_catalog_backup.pl
tries to run dbcheck it's actually bscan which gets run. Not
understanding the -B option is probably the least of its problems. :-)

Until the RPM gets fixed, you can manually correct the bad symlink with:

ln -sf /etc/alternatives/bacula-dbcheck /usr/sbin/dbcheck