[CentOS] Migrating CentOS 5 -> 6: where to put /etc/inittab respawn scripts?

Tue Oct 4 21:44:34 UTC 2011
Alexander Farber <alexander.farber at gmail.com>


sorry, for 1 more question on CentOS 5 -> CentOS 6 migration.

On my old CentOS 5.7 machine I have the following line:

pref:3:respawn:/bin/su -c '/usr/local/pref/pref.pl >/tmp/pref-`date
+%a`.txt 2>&1' afarber

and this has served me well, I don't want to install
anything else like daemontools etc. - to keep my web-server
easily reinstallable (or movable to another hoster).

But now I have migrated to CentOS 6.0, added that line
and the "init q", but nothing happens - as indeed promised
by the comments in the new /etc/inittab.

Where should I move my line, which docs to read?

The pref.pl is a poll()ing TCP-sockets daemon for a game

Thank you