[CentOS] Permission question

Wed Oct 5 20:01:47 UTC 2011
Victor Padro <vpadro at gmail.com>


We own a CentOS Server which hosts a few domains using Cpanel, however
each host or domain has its own user and its own folder under /home,
we want a separate user(newuser1) to have read and write privileges in
all home's subdirectories so we can do some tasks remotely using
WinSCP, that user is already in the sudoers group and the root login
is disabled in SSH for security, but I haven't been able to assign the
correct privileges and rights to newuser1 using chmod -R
owneruser:newuser1 /home/owneruserdir, everytime we login with
newuser1 using WinSCP to /home and try to change directory to
/home/owneruserdir we receive a permission denied message, so I don't
know where else to look.

Any pointers will be apreciated.


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