[CentOS] CentOS 6.x cr repo

Fri Oct 7 12:38:39 UTC 2011
Janne TH. Nyman <jnyman at jbtec.org>

Team CentOS,

Just writing to thank you a lot for the CentOS 6.1 packages made
available on the 26th of September.

I haven't gone through what updates exactly you guys released in the cr
repository but I am well impressed with the improvements.

Great timing as my RHEL self-support contract was due for renewal and I
am so pleased with the refreshed packages, it now works on my ThinkPad
X220, that I won't renew my RHEL subscription.

Awesome work guys and thanks a million. :) CentOS Rocks.

Ps. I found the CR repo information here:

Janne Nyman AKA JNixus
E: jnyman at jbtec.org