[CentOS] CentOS CVE "database"?

Sat Oct 8 06:01:48 UTC 2011
Nate Duehr <denverpilot at me.com>

Was working on a project tonight to document CVE fixes applied to servers, and noted that RedHat has completely jacked up their website.

In the past, I've usually just used their website for links to their CVE list, as well as links to their Errata to look up specifics for CentOS machines.

It sure looks like these links are either permanently gone from the public pages to be hidden internally only available to Subscribers, or... 

RedHat's Marketing folks have completely destroyed what was once a valuable information-filled website.

Either way... the question now becomes...

Is there something similar to RedHat's CVE listings by year and number hosted by anyone in the CentOS community or by CentOS itself for CentOS?  I haven't had much luck with my GoogleFu tonight.