[CentOS] Installing Ruby gems on RPM-based systems

Sat Oct 8 10:56:06 UTC 2011
Kenneth Porter <shiva at sewingwitch.com>

When I first got involved with Red Hat (back with 5.2 in the early 90's) I 
learned the hard way not to use language-specific packaging systems like 
CPAN for Perl because they'd conflict with RPM's database and make it much 
harder to manage what was installed on my system. If I now need a package 
for which no RPM is available, I'll use a utility like cpanspec to 
repackage it into an RPM and install that.

Now I'm starting to work with Ruby and apparently it has its own packages 
called "gems". How do people deal with making Ruby and RPM get along?

I'm trying to build Diaspora, an open source alternative to Facebook, and 
it wants me to install a ton of gems. I'm working on a "disposable" machine 
that I can re-image at will, so I let it use Ruby's "bundle install" 
command to dump all the gems from the Ruby repositories into their system 
location. But in a "real" installation I'd want to do this with RPM, 
repackaging gems as needed. What's available to do this properly?