[CentOS] Virtual host package, command line, I need help

Thu Oct 13 05:04:37 UTC 2011
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>

I am at wits end with this KVM. It is hard to get the information needed 
to do this properly with centos 6 and KVM since it is so new and the 
googling of 'KVM' brings up everything except kernel based virtual machines.

What I have done...
1) my cpus have virtualization
2) centos 6, selected 'virtual host' package
3) it goes to command line
4) I have made virtual guests with virt-install, in LVM folders, not images
5) 'cannot display' is all I get from command line

The packages installed seem to have many gnome and vnc rpms. (and 
x-windows stuff too)
Virt-manager was installed but only produces errors when run from 
command line

I am unable to get anything past getting the guest running since I 
cannot open any kind of display.

I have been able to easily do this in a gnome desktop, but figure 
command line is going to be less overhead for the server.

I have added --vnc and tried some other things, but for the life of me I 
cannot figure out how to get a graphic or text install to come up on the 
local machine to save my life.

With all the gnome packages (and there are quite a few) that were 
installed with the 'virtual host' package I figured something would come 
up, but all attempts have failed miserably. I am stuck in command line 
with no way out.

I do plan on putting up a step by step video when I finally get one 
working, but after a few days of this (and seeing hundreds of websites 
with others having the same issue) I am wondering if anyone has ever got 
it working and what they did?

This is just a pure install of centos 6, 'virtual host' package, command 
line, yum updated, able to make guests, no video options working for me.

what is the magic command to bring up some of that gnome stuff for 
virt-manager or to just see the install window for a guest??

any help appreciated and most welcomed.