[CentOS] Xfce from minimal install

Wed Oct 19 05:03:28 UTC 2011
Johan Vermeulen <jvermeulen at cawdekempen.be>

  Dear All,

because I have a lot of older machines and laptops (512Mb) I would like 
to use Xfce.

So I installed CentOs 6 from the normal netinstall cd and selected 
minimal ( just over 200 packages).

 From there I enabled EPEL repo and did :

#yum groupinstall Xfce

after that I installed Xorg and the driver for Intel ( it's on a Dell 
laptop )

after startx I get a get a lot of gnome-session warnings;

'Unable to find provider 'gnome-panel' of
'gnome session: Pango warning '
and many more.

So can anyone help me make further adjustments?

thanks for any tips in advance.

greetings, James

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