[CentOS] NSS ldap problems

Mon Oct 31 22:10:32 UTC 2011
Mitch Patenaude <mpatenaude at shutterfly.com>

I'm having trouble setting up ldap based authenication.

I have a virtual (KVM) CentOS 5.4 box set up to authenticate to a 389 (fedora) directory server, and that works fine.

However, I set up a virtual box running CentOS 6, and I can't get it to authenicate.

I've run authconfig with the appropriate flags, ldapsearch properly finds the data, but I can't log in.  /var/log/secure shows that it doesn't find the user, and as a test I came up with the following perl snippet:

perl -e 'print join(" ",getpwnam("testuser")),"\n";'

And it properly finds the test user on the 5.4 box, but not the 6.0 box.

I've checked /etc/ldap.conf and /etc/openldap/ldap.conf and both seem about right.

Here are the ldap related packaged installed on the 6.0 box:
[root at vburntest02 ~]# rpm -qa | grep ldap

Any idea what to check next?

  -- Mitch