[CentOS] Migrating CentOS 5 -> 6: where to put /etc/inittab respawn scripts?

Wed Oct 5 14:03:43 UTC 2011
Alexander Farber <alexander.farber at gmail.com>

Hello again,

I still have 1 minor problem -

I've created a new file /etc/init/pref.conf:

start on stopped rc RUNLEVEL=3
stop on starting rc RUNLEVEL=[!3]
console output
chdir /tmp
exec /bin/su -c '/usr/local/pref/pref.pl >/tmp/pref-`date +%a`.txt 2>&1' afarber

And started my script (a TCP-sockets daemon for a game) with

# sudo initctl start pref
pref start/running, process 2590

I can also see it running with "ps uawx", "netstat -an" and

# sudo initctl status pref

But I can not restart it with:

# sudo initctl restart pref
initctl: Unknown instance:

# sudo initctl stop pref
initctl: Unknown instance:

Why so? I was hoping to use the last command in a nightly
cronjob (I have to restart my script because of perl memory problems)

And also when I run

# sudo initctl start pref

several times, then I get

# sudo initctl status pref

- even though the process seems to run ok.

Thank you