[CentOS] Antwort: Re: Antwort: Inbuilt Bisoncam NB Pro webcam is not detected in CentOS 6

Wed Oct 12 09:40:45 UTC 2011
Ljubomir Ljubojevic <office at plnet.rs>

Vreme: 10/12/2011 10:44 AM, balajisundar piše:
> Sir,
>       Yes i have tried with Cheese Application and its not detected my
> camera and its shows "No Camera"
> Regards
> -S.Balaji

Can please avoid top-posting (writing at the begining?) Norm here is to 
write bellow the written tekst. And try deleting signatures etc., making 
your post shorter, easier for reading.
Thank you.

You need uvcvideo module for your Webcam: http://www.ideasonboard.org/uvc/

It looks like it is part of the C6 kernels.

There are versions of your Webcam that do not respond well to UVC 
commands, firmware problem, no Linux cen help you with that.

UVC on Debian (you might get hints there):

There is luvcview in Repoforge repository to test UVC devices.


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