[CentOS] Virtual host package, command line, I need help

Thu Oct 13 06:32:05 UTC 2011
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>

arek wrote



thanks arek, but I have been through that a million times, backwards and forwards. I do not have
any issues making the storage, the files, the guests...

I cannot, in the command line, bring up a video or text install for the guest installation though.
It is almost like the user (I am root) is not allowed access to the video device.
I have installed x windows group and no go for any video, bounces out with errors.

If I go full desktop, I can easily install a guest with a video interface.

The virt host packages default install should be enough for me to do it...yet I get bounced
out of any video attemtpt, even text install, with 'cannot open display' and things like that.

There is obviously something I am missing. Perhaps this is only meant to be used remotely via ssh-x tunnel
and not a local install.

The errors I get are all over the net, many listed in bugzilla but shown not to be bugs, yet no answers.

There has to be a way to get a video or text install locally from the default virt host package without
installing x windows system, gnome, or kde....although many little bits of those packages were installed.

it really feels like my user is not allowed to go into a graphic view of anything relating to guests.
at least not locally (the only way I would rather do it, do not know how to x-tunnel and all that)