[CentOS] Virtual host package, command line, I need help [solved, sort of]

Thu Oct 13 21:06:37 UTC 2011
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>

The thread is about an issue of not being able to bring up simple guis 
required to
install virt guests on centos 6.

Apparently a bug exists in xorg-x11-drv-ati-6.13.0-6.el6-x86_64
the driver for the ati es1000 and how it deals with xorg.
Ubuntu I think has popped in a fix as well as many others.
Redhat, as far as I could tell, added it to 6.1..something I guess not 
coming to centos for a while.

it is having an issue of addressing two things at once and freaks itself 
out. Simple fix (for the devs i guess) and listed
on the freedesktop.org bug list. However I have no idea how to redo a 
driver like that, much less specifically
designed for redhat.

After a month of fighting this and finally figuring it out, kinda bummed 
I cannot resolve it.
I have no choice but to buy a temporary card, lose access to IPMI due to 
second card, and just hope
they get out 6.1 sometime soon.

If you are getting a board and not doing gnome/kde but want to do 
X...you may have an issue if
it has an es1000, ati, radeon rn50.

well...now off to find a dang card so I can actually deploy this thing.