[CentOS] c6 xen guest install, golf, and geany (solved)

Fri Oct 14 06:05:06 UTC 2011
Mark Pryor <tlviewer at yahoo.com>


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On Tue, 11 Oct 2011, Mark Pryor wrote:

> List,
> Is it possible to do a text install (<512RAM) of C6 server, with support for
> X11 forwarding over ssh, and get geany (editor) to work over ssh?


> I got X11 forwarding to work when I have a full Xfce desktop, but not with a
> server setup.
> I would like to golf this... IOW find the minimum number of packages.
> Any hints or kickstart configs for the needy?

There's really not much you need to install.  Minimal install + xauth + gedit
and I'd have thought you were there.  xauth is the important bit that you can
accidentally miss off.  You just need to check for ssh X forwarding working.
ssh -Y to your server and "echo $DISPLAY".  If it's not defined, you've got a


I finally got it to work. I think the error was the lack of vfb=[] object during the
initial install. If you have a vfb from the beginning it will work.

I ended up with 267 packages in less than 900MB and all my goals were met:

  ++X11 forwarding works in ssh without an X server install

  ++geany works over ssh


next I want to compile a C6 kernel that supports nfs root.