[CentOS] Hot upgrade from 5.2 Centos to 5.7 Centos

Tue Oct 18 22:18:35 UTC 2011
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 10/18/11 3:02 PM, Vinay Nagrik wrote:
> I am installed some application running on top of Centos 5.2 OS and these
> applications are running fine.  However, we are thinking of upgrading our
> 5.2 Centos to 5.7 (hot upgrade).  That is we want to upgrade from 5.2 Centos
> to 5.7 Centos and not disturb the applications.
> Is it possible?  Could someone please help.

assuming those applications didn't replace system files that are under 
RPM management, then a yum update should be just fine.

I recently upgraded a system that had been left at 5.4 a little too 
long, and found I had to update yum and some other things first, before 
the full yum update would work, I also had to do a yum cleanall after 
that update of yum itself.

do watch the output of the yum update for `rpmnew` files, and diff each 
of these with your system files, and merge the changes manually (I 
usually copy my stuff from the old file to the rpmnew file, then mv 
x.rpm x...)   this is typically .conf files.

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