[CentOS] ssd quandry

Sun Oct 23 21:45:08 UTC 2011
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 10/23/11 4:00 AM, Patrick Lists wrote:
> Didn't parted have issues with alignment? Here are two links with info
> about alignment of SSDs which I found helpful in the past:

parted handles alignment as well or better than fdisk, which that blog 
suggested using.

anyways, I have it formatted and mounted and aligned now.

this SSD raid is telling the OS it has 8K physical sectors,(512 byte 
logical).    mkfs ext4 or xfs will create a file system with 8K logical 
blocks, but the kernel won't let me mount it because its larger than the 
systems 4K page size..., so I have to force mkfs to build a 4K block 
file system.

my database (postgres) uses 8K blocks.  the storage has 8k physical 
blocks.   it seems to me that having the file system block match the 
database and physical blocks would be a Very Good Thing...

... so, whats the status of large page support in linux and specifically 
centos 6 ?

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