[CentOS] HP Smart Array B110i SATA RAID Controller

Mon Oct 24 11:15:06 UTC 2011
Mogens Kjaer <mk at lemo.dk>

On 10/24/2011 12:52 PM, Richard Gliebe wrote:
> yes, I can mount it with -o loop
> # mount -o loop /dev/sdb /mnt
> # ls -l /mnt
> <same output as your "ls -l"

Strange, -o loop shouldn't be necessary.

I've tried booting CentOS on a DL380 G7 (it does not have your RAID 
controller) and it works with CentOS 5.7. When I try with CentOS 6.0
it tells me that this driver disk is not valid for this version of CentOS.


Mogens Kjaer, mk at lemo.dk