[CentOS] openldap missing modules

Mon Oct 31 23:36:50 UTC 2011
Craig White <craig.white at ttiltd.com>

For learning purposes, I think the flat file is much easier to master. I thought Apple's Open-Directory was forked from an older version of OpenLDAP (perhaps 2.1.x).

I gather that upstream 6.x and thus CentOS 6.x is using OpenLDAP 2.4.x and probably also dynamic configuration but I haven't installed upstream 6.x or any derivative distribution so I don't know for sure.

Dynamic configuration was introduced in OpenLDAP 2.3 and it seemed to me that the book is using dynamic configuration but I could be wrong. It either references using 'cn=config' or it doesn't and that's the indicator of whether it is dynamic or not.


On Oct 31, 2011, at 2:57 PM, Wessel van der Aart wrote:

> thanks for the tip, does this dynamic configuration come with openldap 2.4?
> the version they use in the book is 2.3 which is also the version on 
> centos 5.7 so i guess i'm safe there ,
> but now i'm wondering if this isn't too outdated.
> does it make's sense to start with learning an older version?
> i'm basically just looking for a way to familiarise myself with all the 
> terms and tools as i'm fairly new to all this ( i only have experience 
> with apple's open-directory). what do you think?
> wessel
> On 10/27/2011 05:28 PM, Craig White wrote:
>> Ubuntu has been using 'dynamic' configuration (aka cn=config and /etc/ldap/slapd.d) for quite some time now but you're using CentOS 5.x which includes an old version of OpenLDAP and uses the 'flat file' configuration (/etc/openldap/slapd.conf)
>> There's bound to be issues at each place where it talks about 'configuration'.
>> My suggestion to you is to use some type of virtualization product (VMWare, VirtualBox, etc.) and install Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on a virtual and then you will track with the book.
>> Craig
>> On Oct 27, 2011, at 5:01 AM, Wessel van der Aart wrote:
>>> actually i'm reading this book , ' mastering openldap' from packt
>>> publishing, on it,
>>> the book uses ubuntu as distro in their examples and i just assumed the
>>> working of openldap between distro's wouldn't be any different (except
>>> for directory paths). however i removed the moduleload line , ran
>>> 'slaptest -v -u -f /etc/openldap/slapd.conf' (the 'database hdb' bit was
>>> already there) and now it's fine.
>>> Thanks,
>>> wessel
>>> On 10/26/2011 11:11 PM, Alexander Dalloz wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I assume you are following a random tutorial on the net. Don't do that.
>>>> It simply does not fit.
>>>> Instead of using a modulepath just (the proper one on CentOS would be
>>>> /usr/lib/openldap, as pre-defined in slapd.conf; but the backends are
>>>> not available as modules on CentOS), define you database properly. Where
>>>> you see
>>>> database        bdb
>>>> in the slapd.conf CentOS ships with, just change bdb into hdb.
>>>> Alexander
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