[CentOS] CentOS 6 + XEN problem

Fri Sep 2 14:29:52 UTC 2011
R P Herrold <herrold at centos.org>

On Fri, 2 Sep 2011, Digimer wrote:

> That was hardly called for. If you find a post off topic or
> uninteresting, just delete it. Either no one will reply or, if there is
> interest in the question, others will and the question will be decided
> to have value.


Seemingly you feel it is proper to burden tens of thousands of 
other people for personal pleasure ... others here display 
such an anti-social attitude as well

The CentOS team, of which I am a part, are stewards of the 
resource that CentOS has grown into.  I spoke publicly quite 
intentionally, after prior private request on other OT matter 
he persisted in raising, with a hope in sensitizing a serial 
off topic poster, from repeating such improper behaviour

I won't 'suffer in silence' while people with muddy boots 
stomp around on the white carpet of my living room.  If they 
won't respond to a private request, they get called out 

We do not hesitate to kick spammers off from posting rights 
[and listen to the list members rant and ring the spam with 
poorly trimmed reposts for days afterward].  Frankly sustained 
OT content or trolling are spam at a lower data rate.  I do 
not favor silent censorship, but we who value the list as a 
resource need to protect the asset somehow.  Thus my post

A fair reading of a month's archive and the seemingly infinite 
run-away threds readily shows the problem.  The mail list is 
turning into the cesspool that main #centos IRC became when it 
was opened to OT and trolling. We need to do more than we 
have, all of us, who care about the project

Feel free to review the initial poster's history on this 
list, and contribution, vs leaching ratio.  I won't miss him a 
bit, and frankly the list will likely not be poorer for his 
absence either

If you feel me wrong, feel free to start your own project and 
lists and prove me wrong

-- Russ herrold