[CentOS] Networking question

Tue Sep 6 17:59:06 UTC 2011
m.roth at 5-cent.us <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

tdukes at sc.rr.com wrote:
> Is it possible to use a mobile hot spot such as the one from Verizon to

What do you mean b "a mobile hot spot"? Do you mean the router they give
you? If so, that's both wireless and wired.

> run a home network? Is there a way to do this without having to buy
> wireless cards? I was thinking maybe I would have to buy one for my centos
> machine which acts as my gateway but would like to have other devices
> wired.

>From there to a switch, the other boxen wired to the switch, and run NAT
on your CentOS system. HARDEN IT!!! You'd also have to run dhcpd, and
configure that to recognize your other systems.