[CentOS] Vitualization and Partitioning

Mon Sep 12 23:52:15 UTC 2011
Thomas Dukes <tdukes at sc.rr.com>


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> On 09/11/2011 11:10 PM Emmanuel Noobadmin wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> >> When I do the install, do I or should I setup a separate partition 
> >> for guest
> > That would be better from a performance point of view
> > 
> >> OS's? From the redhat docs, it looks like the guest OS's reside at 
> >> /var/lib/libvirt/images/.
> > This should be using files as disk files, which I did and 
> found it to 
> > be a problem when there is heavy I/O.
> I like LVM (for the reasons you cite).  Would you (anyone?) 
> say it's best to have one LV per guest or one LV for all guests?
> tnx.

I'm new to this but I would think you would want a separate LV for each
guest. Seems I read somewhere, that you need one core per guest as well.
That's why I'm opting for the Xeon processor rather than the iCore(x). Four
cores v. two. More options.

Can't believe this thread hasn't stirred more response. Maybe we all are in
the learning phase.