[CentOS] Missing ipa-server package on centos6?

Wed Sep 14 09:17:03 UTC 2011
John Doe <jdmls at yahoo.com>

From: Armin Herbert <armin.herbert at atrics.de>

> I can't seem to find the ipa-server package in centos 6; it is not available 
> on my favourite mirrors, nor do the release notes mention its absence. Has it 
> been overlooked when assembling the distribution?

Dunno but CentOS 5 and 6 have the same ipa packages...

# yum list | grep -i "^ipa"
ipa-client.i386                            2.0-10.el5_6.1              updates  
ipa-gothic-fonts.noarch                    003.02-3.1.el5              base     
ipa-mincho-fonts.noarch                    003.02-2.1.el5              base     
ipa-pgothic-fonts.noarch                   003.02-3.1.el5              base     
ipa-pmincho-fonts.noarch                   003.02-2.1.el5              base     

# yum list | grep -i "^ipa"
ipa-client.x86_64                         2.0-9.el6                     base    
ipa-gothic-fonts.noarch                   003.02-4.2.el6                base    
ipa-mincho-fonts.noarch                   003.02-3.1.el6                base    
ipa-pgothic-fonts.noarch                  003.02-4.1.el6                base    
ipa-pmincho-fonts.noarch                  003.02-3.1.el6                base