[CentOS] how to stop an in-progress fsck that runs at boot?

Wed Sep 14 14:20:22 UTC 2011
Josh Miller <joshua at itsecureadmin.com>

On 09/13/2011 07:39 PM, Matt Garman wrote:
> Also, as a side question: I always do this---let my servers run for a
> very long time, power down to change/upgrade hardware, then forget
> about the forced fsck, then pull my hair out waiting for it to finish
> (because I can't figure out how to stop it once it starts).  I know
> about tune2fs -c and -i, and also the last (or is it second to last?)
> column in /etc/fstab.  My question is more along the lines of "best
> practices"---what are most people doing with regards to regular fsck's
> of ext2/3/4 filesystems?  Do you just take the defaults, and let it
> delay the boot process by however long it takes?  Disable it
> completely?  Or do something like taking the filesystem offline on a
> running system?  Something else?

I make an effort to note the count before rebooting and if I don't have 
time to allow the fsck, I will adjust the max-mount-counts to give me 
some time to plan an fsck on a subsequent reboot.

Josh Miller
Open Source Solutions Architect