[CentOS] Cons of disabling *.i386 and *.i686 in a 64bit Distribution

Wed Sep 14 15:22:46 UTC 2011
Christopher Hawker <cwhawker1 at gmail.com>

I could not see any issues with it. As you probably know i386 packages will
work on an x86_64 install, and there are some packages written for i386 that
you can't get for x86_64. You could disable it, but my system runs perfect
with it.

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Christopher Hawker

On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 12:52 AM, James Nguyen <james at callfire.com> wrote:

> Can anybody give me a reason why this would be a bad idea.  So the premise
> for this question is that I setup an exclude=*.i368,*.i686 in my yum.conf.
>  While doing a yum update I come across missing package dependencies for
> instance mkinitrd for the i386 package.  I noticed there is already one for
> x86_64.  I realized during the kickstart install that some of these *.i386
> got installed before I could enable the exclude in the yum.conf.
> So the questions I pose is... why are some of these *.i386 packages getting
> installed on a 64bit distro? is there any harm is removing them all?
> I guess I could spin up a virtual and try, but wanted to see what the
> census already knows about this matter as well.
> Thanks!
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