[CentOS] Upgrade from 5.6 => 5.7

Thu Sep 15 02:33:23 UTC 2011
Thomas Dukes <tdukes at sc.rr.com>


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> On Wed, 2011-09-14 at 18:08 -0700, John R Pierce wrote:
> > an accounting system thats in plain HTML would be 
> incredibly clunky to 
> > use.  you really want to do this in ajax/jquery or whatever so its 
> > more interactive
> No thank you. HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL are my chosen tools 
> for my systems.
> I have written 20+ complete systems using these and found 
> them to be fast and very effective. Everyone who has seen my 
> HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL systems has been favourably impressed 
> (me too!). MySQL is a fast database system. Never ever used a 
> SQL join or view, just well designed databases with carefully 
> planned tables - that is the art of good programming.
> Ajax/Jquery is someone else's parametrised programming 
> language. It adds complexity and overhead to what is 
> fundamentally a very basic task. Ajax etc. seem to appeal to 
> people who are not good (or natural) programmers.
> Ajax etc. is like programming with boxing gloves on and 
> taking several weeks to do it. If they want to use it, let them.
> > also, I'd suggest using postgresql for better data integrity, and 
> > anything-but-php (Python?) for better webside security.
> I have been using MySQL on Linux for about 4 years and never 
> had a problem. What security issues has PHP ?

I, like you have been using mysql/php for ecommerce since 2003. Never had
and issue except RHEL/CentOS is about a release behind everyone else.
Stability is one thing, holding back is another when Fedora is 3 or 4
release ahead. Again, not CentOS's fault.