[CentOS] Refocusing the list; was: centos product specification

Sun Sep 18 15:41:40 UTC 2011
R P Herrold <herrold at centos.org>

On Sat, 17 Sep 2011, Always Learning wrote:

> I am unaware of ever making those comments !

Check your file copy of your email to me of 25 Aug.  I won't 
engage in a battle of semantics with an anonymous troll

To all:

As a matter of logistics, we are putting some new permissions 
in place to permit the stewards of the CentOS resources to 
quell the flood of off topic matter.  The protocol will 
probably be first a private word to repeated instigator of 
noise off the mailing list, and then a silent moderation of 
that person; there is also the capacity to close down further 
posts on a subject line in Mailman, and we may use that as 

I considered and proposed a formal and public nomination and 
voting system but this was probably geeky technical overkill. 
Also it would have required material coding to get up and 
running, to address what is, in the end, simply sustained bad 
behaviour by a few serial offenders.  We'll be trying what in 
already in Mailman first

I'm not happy about this moderation, but as one of the other 
stewards said:

> some of these conversations are really getting out of hand, 
> the level of OT isnt even funny anymore. People seem to have 
> descended into a social chatter list attitude rather than 
> something that is topical and meant to be a collection of 
> people focused on a specific interest.

> I'm all for putting a mod flag on these guys, specially for 
> the guys who have been on the list for a while

and I am much more unhappy with the hijacking of the list for 
personal entertainment and trolling sport

Thank you for bearing with us as we steer the list back to 
addressing CentOS usage specific matter

-- Russ herrold