[CentOS] Ekiga - camera

Sun Sep 25 05:28:24 UTC 2011
hadi motamedi <motamedi24 at gmail.com>

On 9/24/11, Johan Vermeulen <jvermeulen at cawdekempen.be> wrote:
>   Dear All,
> I tested this some more on CentOs 6, tried as root, tried the trick with
> cat /dev/....but no luck.
> I would think that somewhere in /var/log there is an error message
> giving some indication, but found nothing.
> So I installed Jitsi, also OpenSource, that gave me video image first
> time round.
> Greetings to All, thanks anyway for the tips.
> James
> Op 22-09-11 05:24, Always Learning schreef:
>> On Thu, 2011-09-22 at 06:43 +0800, Christopher Chan wrote:
>>> You need an ILS server/service or a sip server to make ekiga useful. ILS
>>> is going/has gone the way of the dodo...so any sip client that supports
>>> video should do. If ekiga does not work, try others.
>> Ekiga works well on Centos 5.6 with a SIP server.
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Excuse me, do you have call hold functionality working on your ekiga?
Do we need to have a pbx in between to have this functionality as