[CentOS] Where are the CentOS 6 security updates?

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Tue Sep 6 04:05:35 EDT 2011

Le 03/09/2011 20:15, John Kennedy a écrit :
> 2 things to keep in mind...
> 1) the httpd dos vuln does not even have a Red Hat patch yet, only a 
> work around.
> 2) the people who work on CentOS are VOLUNTEERS. They do not get paid 
> which is a large part of why CentOS is free.
> If you need up to the minute updates, maybe you should be using RHEL.

Or use Scientific Linux, Debian .. A better way if you care about security.



> John
> On 03/09/11 16:00, Vesselin Kolev wrote:
>>   Today is September 3, 2011. There are no _any_ CentOS 6 security
>> updates for a month (during August). And at the moment, the usage of
>> CentOS 6 as a server platform is irresponsible risk (just for example -
>> there is an uncovered httpd DoS, the same is for Samba, e.t.c). And more
>> and more people start to realize that there is practically no (security)
>> support in CentOS 6. Just look at centos-announce at centos.org - the only
>> supported version of CentOS now is ... 4, which is almost at its "end of
>> life"!!! How is it possible? How can I advise people to use CentOS in
>> their business and make donations? Maybe I should ask them to pray for
>> updates or so?
>> Do You realise how critical is the situation now? Maybe you should think
>> on what the words "Enterprise" mean. Or maybe You should think how to
>> get back the lost confidence, because too many people now think that
>> CentOS is no more enterprise distribution, not at all!
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