[CentOS] Problems with Intel Ethernet and module e1000e

Patrick Lists centos-list at puzzled.xs4all.nl
Mon Sep 26 12:54:41 UTC 2011

On 09/23/2011 12:54 PM, Volker Poplawski wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm facing a serious problem with the e100e kernel module for Intel
> 82574L gigabit nics on Centos 6.

I have also had problems with an Intel Gbit nic in a Dell Optiplex 760 
using the e1000 module. If it would come up it would come up at 100Mbit 
speed. Only unplugging the LAN cable en reinserting it in the switch 
would sometimes result in the proper 1Gb speed. After replacing the 3Com 
Gbit switch with a DLink Gbit switch things started to work ok.

As suggested, you could try out the e1000 kernel module form elrepo (if 
it works, good for you) but you may want to look into the switch too.


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