[CentOS] Selinux extra packages and compiled apps

Fri Sep 2 14:50:23 UTC 2011
John Doe <jdmls at yahoo.com>


I am in the process of trying (and convincing my colleagues) to learn/setup 

selinux as we switch to 6.0...
Quick question: do I really "need" to install the setools/setroubleshoot

packages or can I live without them?  They want to install 80 packages 

(gnome stuff, gstreamer, gtk, tcl/tk...) and I would like to avoid installing 

all sort of graphical tools/libs on my lean servers.

Can I just install setools-console by example?

Is there a console only equivalent for setroubleshoot? 

If you know a must-have "selinux for dummies" like howto, apart from 

Redhat/Fedora doc or CentOS wiki, I am interested!Especially if it covers the case of many non-standard applications (the 
policy here is to use compiled apaches/php/mencoder/ffmpeg/..., all 
installed (with their data/logs) in a "/OURDIR" directory (but still 
use /var/run for the pids and a few others depending on the app), 
init.d scripts, logrotates, etc...