[CentOS] Where are the CentOS 6 security updates?

Sat Sep 3 15:00:59 UTC 2011
Vesselin Kolev <vlk at lcpe.uni-sofia.bg>

 Today is September 3, 2011. There are no _any_ CentOS 6 security
updates for a month (during August). And at the moment, the usage of
CentOS 6 as a server platform is irresponsible risk (just for example -
there is an uncovered httpd DoS, the same is for Samba, e.t.c). And more
and more people start to realize that there is practically no (security)
support in CentOS 6. Just look at centos-announce at centos.org - the only
supported version of CentOS now is ... 4, which is almost at its "end of
life"!!! How is it possible? How can I advise people to use CentOS in
their business and make donations? Maybe I should ask them to pray for
updates or so?

Do You realise how critical is the situation now? Maybe you should think
on what the words "Enterprise" mean. Or maybe You should think how to
get back the lost confidence, because too many people now think that
CentOS is no more enterprise distribution, not at all!