[CentOS] sudo wildcards problem: for every argument a *-wildcard? Better solution?

Tue Sep 20 10:37:16 UTC 2011
Sven Aluoor <aluoor at gmail.com>

Hi folks

I allow the user tommy to run this command as root

sudoCommand: /app/appname/connectors/*/*/current/bin/*

With "sudo -l" he sees the sudoers, but is unable to execute.

$ sudo /app/appname/connectors/zur/namename/current/bin/othername
agentsvc --i --u root --sn 1m7command
Sorry, user tommy is not allowed to execute
'/app/appname/connectors/zur/namename/current/bin/othername agentsvc
--i --u root --sn 1m7command' as root on testcentbox07.

I guess because of wildcard arguments. Does every argument needs a
*-wildcard? How to do when I don't know the number of arguments?

cheers Sven