[CentOS] 3.2 kernel with C5? Or ndiswrapper?

Wed Apr 4 17:07:38 UTC 2012
Carlos Daniel Ruvalcaba Valenzuela <clsdaniel at gmail.com>

> I compile 3.2.9, install the modules and then try an boot...  and
> it fails to find my root disk and panics.  I can see from the boot
> messages that the kernel is seeing them, but it's failing to mount and
> switchroot.

Seems to me that your kernel build configuration does not include the
FS module, for example, if your root FS is ext4 or xfs you should
select it as compiled into kernel not as a module, that should ease a
lot of pain.

Also the problem with compiling a new kernel is that the vanilla
configuration may not work for you and configuring kernel options can
be pretty daunting at first and even with each new version new stuff
keeps piling in.

If you are going the kernel route I suggest to check if you can get
the centos kernel config, check if the centos kernel has config
build-in, if it does you should have a file in /proc/config.gz which
should help you bootstrap the new kernel with the correct options.

Carlos Ruvalcaba