[CentOS] 6.2 How to change hostname for each individual IP

Sun Apr 8 08:59:32 UTC 2012
Jonathan Vomacka <juvix88 at gmail.com>

On 4/8/2012 3:52 AM, John R Pierce wrote:
> On 04/08/12 12:19 AM, Jonathan Vomacka wrote:
>> I am referring to when binding one of the IP alias to an application.
>> For example if I take any application installed on my server and tell it
>> to connect to another source from a specific IP alias, or listen on a
>> specific alias, there are issues with the hostname. When an external
>> source does a lookup, it comes with the server's hostname instead of the
>> hostname I want to show up for that specific IP. Do you know why this
>> happens?
> the name of the host is constant, it doesn't change with the IP address
> that a specific connection happens to be using.
> but, when you say, 'external source does a lookup', what /exactly/ do
> you mean?

One example is an IRC bouncer. I configured the app to bind to a 
particular IP to listen on and to connect to the designated IRC servers 
with. When I connect the hostname reflects the machine hostname rather 
then the hostname I want to come up on the IP address.

Other applications seem to perform the same. Is it impossible to specify 
hostnames for IP aliases. Perhaps hostname is the wrong terminology but 
I figured RDNS and forward DNS would do the trick..