[CentOS] Need to split long lines in mail archives

Tue Apr 10 00:20:48 UTC 2012
Karl Vogel <vogelke+centos at pobox.com>

>> On Mon, 9 Apr 2012 13:09:59 -0400, 
>> "James B. Byrne" <byrnejb at harte-lyne.ca> said:

J> I am investigating how to split long lines present in a Mailman
J> generated html archives.  Mailman places the email bodies within
J> <pre></pre> tags and some users have MUAs that send entire paragraphs as
J> one long line.

   A Perl module called "Text::Format" is perfect for this.  Could you post
   (or send) a link to a Mailman-generated HTML archive that has the
   problem you describe?  Then I can show a before-and-after along with a
   script that'll at least give you a starting point.

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