[CentOS] FOUND_THE_ISSUE -- URGENT -- pseudo network interface creating problem with dhcp-- centos 5.5

Fri Apr 13 08:29:29 UTC 2012
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 04/13/12 1:14 AM, sri wrote:
> BMC MAC Address: E4:1F:13:77:16:61 ======>  This is the MAC address my
> SW is showing on the SW port connected to my eth0

The BMC ("Baseboard Management Controller" or something like that) is 
another name for a management processor, similar to the IPMI I 
mentioned.   This can be used for monitoring the system status, lights 
out management like remote power off and on (BMC is powered even when 
the server is shut down), etc.     I would recommend you learn how to 
use it and not disable it.   The BMC can also be used for remote system 
installation and such.

Have you consulted the hardware documentation on this system yet?
for instance, here's the BMC/IPMI software for various Dell servers

here's an overview of IPMI/BMC systems

many servers have a hardware option to move the BMC/IPMI to a dedicated 
ethernet port, you'll need to consult with the system vendor to see if 
this option is available as a field upgrade for your server.

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