[CentOS] SSD for boot drive and OS

Sat Apr 14 00:18:26 UTC 2012
aurfalien <aurfalien at gmail.com>

On Apr 13, 2012, at 5:59 PM, Frank Cox wrote:

> I just ordered  a new machine that's destined to become a Centos 6 application
> server for a publishing company, and decided to get one with a 40GB SSD as well
> as a standard hard drive.
> I'm thinking that I can put most of the operating system on that drive and have
> the home directories and whatnot on the regular hard drive.  Are there any
> pitfalls lying in wait for an unwary person like me when setting this thing up?
> Further, I suspect that if that thing rattles along like I think it should I'll
> probably want to add a SSD to my own desktop machine here.  Since this computer
> is already set up with the default Centos 6 partitioning system on a single hard
> drive (/boot, /home and /) is there an easy way to transfer the OS to the SSD or
> would I be better off reformatting this thing and starting over from scratch if
> I want to have a SSD for my boot and OS drive?

I use this setup (albeit a bigger SSD) on a few systems.

Some workstations for my power users and some of my servers.

Works fine, stick with the Intel X series, not the M.

Although there new gear looks killer;


Plugs direct into a PCIe slot, pretty shweeeet.

We need the bandwidth so this may be over kill for you, but still its cool.

- aurf