[CentOS] Using eth0 on desktops with single network interface

Fri Apr 20 08:21:59 UTC 2012
Lars Hecking <lhecking at users.sourceforge.net>

> I think it is still only for certain Dell models and it probably only
> works with new 6.2 installs, but it is a badly needed capability to be
> able to predictably map the device/config names to the matching
> physical NICs.

 I was wondering about this because the T3500 I'm setting up with fresh
 6.2 installs have eth0.

 The whitepaper linked here


 explains it in detail, and indeed the T3500 is listed as not supporting
 under RHEL6.1 SMBIOS version is 2.5 according dmidecode and they say
 2.6 is required.