[CentOS] nfsen daemon dies for unknown reason

Sun Apr 22 10:28:41 UTC 2012
Markus Falb <markus.falb at fasel.at>

On 22.4.2012 00:14, Nikolaos Milas wrote:

> I am using nfsen 1.3.5 (http://nfsen.sourceforge.net/) on CentOS 5.8 x86_64 (running as a VM on a KVM Host).
> For those not knowing it, nfsen is using php and perl and it allows graphing and analysis of (Cisco routers) netflow data captured using nfdump.
> Often (about once a day) nfsen crashes for unknown reason. For example:
> please provide details on what should I do. (e.g. how to install debug symbols for libperl.so and libpthread.so)

At least it can't hurt to install the debug symbols ;-)
debuginfo packages are at http://debuginfo.centos.org

$ yum --enablerepo=debug list glibc-debuginfo perl-debuginfo
Available Packages
glibc-debuginfo.x86_64               2.5-81.el5_8.1                debug
perl-debuginfo.x86_64                4:5.8.8-38.el5                debug

It seems that the debuginfo package for the latest glibc update
(glibc-2.5-81.el5_8.2) is missing
Kind Regards, Markus Falb

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