[CentOS] problems with PV snapshots

Mon Apr 23 01:44:03 UTC 2012
James A. Peltier <jpeltier at sfu.ca>

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| Hello,
| I have a Centos 6.2 clsuter with a CLVM partition on which I have a
| GFS2
| file system.
| The problem rises when I make a snapshot from my FC NetAPP FAS2020.
| After I make the snapshot (it is a rw snapshot) of my LUN, I am not
| able
| to mount it from any of my cluster nodes,
| because the Physical Volume is seen two times one time on the
| standard
| LVM partition
| and the other time on the snapshot partition so te PV is foudn to be
| duplicate and I cannot mount it.
|  > pvs
|    Found duplicate PV 5ZTDCmWHDH6M04nl58Wyyi3nYG8BOCRo: using
| /dev/mapper/mpathl not /dev/mapper/mpathi
|    PV                 VG          Fmt  Attr PSize   PFree
|    /dev/mapper/mpathk NetCluster0 lvm2 a--    1.67t 1020.00m
| I need a hint on how to fix this problem. I need to access the
| snaphot
| volume to backup my data but I am unable to do it...
| thank you very much

HINT:  You'll need to generate a new UUID/rename the PV. (pvchange -u)

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