[CentOS] strange partitioning problem

Tue Apr 24 01:20:02 UTC 2012
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 04/23/12 5:33 PM, Boris Epstein wrote:
> Thanks! The controller I've got (I believe it is a 3Ware 9000 series) - I
> think that controller does not allow you to create hardware slices on top
> of a RAID'ed disk (volume). But that is a good idea in general. I used that
> approach on a couple of HP Proliant servers and that worked.

really?  I've never run into ANY sort of hardware raid that had any such 
restrictions.  I've not used the 3ware stuff, but I've used lots of LSI 
Logic raid (9260-8i, etc), HP SmartArray stuff (p410, etc), Dell PERC 
stuff, etc etc.

anyways, I'm dealing with a pair of single 3TB (2.78 TiB) drives in a 
mdraid mirror here as the system disk.

On 04/23/12 4:56 PM, Dennis Jacobfeuerborn wrote:
> You could use LVM. Just create 2TB partitions and use them as physical
> volumes for a large volume group. Then just create one big logical volume
> from that volume group.

um, LVM can't see over 2TB of the drive either, unless its formatted 
GPT, whereupon it can't be used as a boot device on a non-EFI system.

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