[CentOS] XEN or KVM - performance/stability/security?

Tue Apr 24 09:58:49 UTC 2012
Mihamina Rakotomandimby <mihamina at rktmb.org>

On 04/23/2012 06:44 PM, Peter Peltonen wrote:
>> I would add some LXC pins for quick ehanced chroot, depending on the use
>> case
> LXC sounds interesting: are there any yum repositries / RPMs /
> tutorials for CentOS available?

You dont need rpms: the libvirt directly use the LXC API.
A tutorial: http://goo.gl/kQOxm

All you need is to
- setup the XML
- define a VM from it
- start the VM

No more, for the "basic" example.
Really fun.
Of course, when you need a custom environment, you'll need to read 
further: but it's still fun :-)