[CentOS] ldap, 2.3 primary, 2.4 secondary

Wed Apr 25 14:49:32 UTC 2012
aurfalien <aurfalien at gmail.com>

On Apr 24, 2012, at 11:34 PM, Craig White wrote:

> On Tue, 2012-04-24 at 14:40 -0400, aurfalien wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Is it possible to use a 2.3 OpenLDAP primary while having a 2.4 OpenLDAP secondary?
>> Currently I have all at 2.3 (Centos 5) but am needing to up a remote facility to Centos 6 before doing the main facility to 6.
>> Hoping I can mix and match but it looks like I may not be able to.
>> My LDAP secondaries pull the DB over pretty frequently  so I would be doing the same thing here.
>> I would have asked the OpenLDAP list but you are much nicer to an order of magnitude, seriously.
>> Thanks in advance,
> ----
> wouldn't do a bit of good to ask openldap list - they'll just tell you
> that 2.3.x is EOL
> Shouldn't have any problems but I haven't tried it myself. There have
> been some issues with replication with 2.3/2.4 but I would suspect that
> if you haven't run into them with 2.3, then you're not running an overly
> complicated setup and it should work.
> Craig

Thanks for the reply Craig.

I had some wanky issues so for now I am running two VMs, one of Centos 5 and the other of 6 so that when ready, I can easily migrate.

I am hoping OpenLDAP 2.4 will push rather then pull changes.

- aurf