[CentOS] - tigervnc-server with kde

Sat Apr 7 16:09:29 UTC 2012
Paolo De Michele <paolo at paolodemichele.it>

Hi all

I have a problem in the configuration of tigervnc-server-use centos 6.1
and tigervnc-server version is that which lies in the repo

I followed the following steps:

    - tigervnc-installed
    - added the user in the section /etc/sysconfig/vncservers
    - set a password using the vncpasswd
    - left by default the xstartup file created
    - restart vncserver service

When I connect remotely to my host everything works just that regularly
see a gnome desktop instead of one kde (like I would)
I tried to change several times the xstartup to no avail.
can someone tell me exactly which strings should I put to view my
desktop with kde?

Thanks in advance