[CentOS] URGENT -- pseudo network interface creating problem with dhcp-- centos 5.5

Wed Apr 11 10:35:08 UTC 2012
sri <bskmohan at gmail.com>


My linux box, running with Centos-5.5, is showing up (??) a pseudo
network interface for Eth0.
On Switch where my Eth0 is connected, observed 2 MAC-Addresses.
If a DHCP server present in LAN, the second pseudo interface is
picking up a DHCP IP Address too.
Furthermore you can ping both Eth0 ip and Psedo Eth0 IP from the switch.
The intensity of the problem is more when port-security is configured
on SW for that port.

“ifconfig –a” is not showing that pseudo interface.
>From dmesg output, no new things observed related while detecting the
eth0 NIC during bootup.
Only proof for this pseudo inerface’s mac address is SW showing it (on
the SW port connected to my box eth0) in “show mac address-table”

Is there anything that I have to check to nail down the issue.

Any pointers are highly appreciated.

 Krishna Mohan B