[CentOS] harddisk partition not created right with centos 5.7

Fri Apr 13 17:51:42 UTC 2012
Vinay Nagrik <vnagrik at gmail.com>

Hello Group,

I am building a company application based on Centos 5.7 OS.  The
application was working earlier and creating right partitions both for
hardware as well as VM.

But since we introduced Centos 5.7 OS and start building application with
5.7 anaconda the hardware partitions are duplicate of VM partitions

*while creating hardware partition my code looks like.*

                cat > /tmp/partmap.ks <<EOPM
*clearpart --all --initlabel --drives=sda
*part swap --fstype swap --asprimary --size=16000
part /boot --fstype ext3 --size=400 --asprimary --fsoptions=noatime,defaults
part pv.01 --size=1 --grow
volgroup jmpvgnocf pv.01
logvol / --fstype ext3 --name=lvroot --vgname=jmpvgnocf --size=1 --grow
logvol swap --fstype swap --name=lvswap --vgname=jmpvgnocf --size=$swap_size

LV Name always shows /dev/volGroup00/LogVol00.

*my VM partition code looks like*

cat > /tmp/partmap.ks <<EOOPM
clearpart --all --initlabel
#autopart changes behvior of autopart. to avoid version dependency
#put specific partion configuration
part /boot --fstype ext3 --size=100
part pv.2 --size=0 --grow --ondisk=sda
volgroup VolGroup00 --pesize=32768 pv.2
logvol / --fstype ext3 --name=LogVol00 --vgname=VolGroup00 --size=1024
logvol swap --fstype swap --name=LogVol01 --vgname=VolGroup00 --size=1000
--grow --maxsize=1984

Could someone tell me what am I doing wrong.

thanks in advance.