[CentOS] PXE won't boot a local kernel

Mon Apr 16 10:33:11 UTC 2012
Orlando Rivera <rivera at par-tec.com>


I have a  computer node I have configured with pxe to boot diskless, so 
far it works flawlessly .

In the Hard Disk of this Node I have installed, using systemimager , a 
image of the same configuration I used for the diskless,  kernel and 
image are pretty the same.

I log in into the node using diskless and mounted all required files and 
directories /proc /sys /dev. I also chroot to the new root dir  (the 
root directory in the HD). Grub-install gives me no errors and 
grub.conf/menu list seems to be ok .  Finally I tell PXE to boot the 
node, but using the local disk, but it won't boot.

I have no errors or something than helps me to see what is wrong. The 
output of ipmi-console is:

!PXE entry point found (we hope) at 95FA:00D6 via plan A
UNDI code segment at 95FA len 4964
UNDI data segment at 95FA len 4964
UNDI data segment at 902A len 5D00
Getting cached packet 01 02 03
My IP address seems to be 0A650209
TFTP prefix:
Booting from local disk...

and then start all over again :  "Triying to load: 
pxelinux.cfg/e3777423*214f*3d36*93bc*440706a2fc6d ...."

My pxelinux.conf  looks like:

DEFAULT localhost
LABEL diskless
KERNEL .....

LABEL localhost

How can I debug or to get more information about what could be wrong .