[CentOS] SSD as system drive - partitioning question

Tue Apr 17 23:40:32 UTC 2012
Frank Cox <theatre at melvilletheatre.com>

I mentioned here the other day that I was planning to set up a Centos 6 system
using a SSD for the system drive and a regular hard drive for a data drive.

My plan is to have everything that doesn't change (much) on the SSD, such
as /boot, /lib, /bin and so on.  I want to put /tmp and /var and /home on the
regular hard drive.

Now that I'm at the stage of actually setting this up I have discovered that I
don't understand enough about drive partitioning to make this work the way that
I want it to.  Perhaps I'm missing something obvious.

I could create separate partitions on the SSD for /lib, /bin and everything
else that I want to put there, then put / on the hard drive, but I would really
prefer to put /boot and one other partition on the SSD, and one partition on
the hard drive.

How can I tell the system that I want /bin and friends on the SSD and /home
and /var on the hard drive, but still have just one partition on each drive
(plus /boot on the SSD)? If I create / on the hard drive and /ssd on the SSD,
then putting bin on the SSD would make it /ssd/bin and that would obviously not
be what I want to see.

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